Around the World: From Rome to Paris

Hello Travelers! Welcome to our blog! Obviously, we have a serious case of the travel bug. Why do we love to travel? 5 words – history, culture, adventure, cuisine, and shopping.  Manila is our home but we travel all over the country and the rest of the world to feed our sense of curiosity.

So, join us as we tour around our amazing world…

While looking through our photos, we came across shots from our trip to Europe. We had so much fun reliving our memories that we decided to make it our 1st post. Here are some of our favorite cities in no particular order:



Colosseum (picture from Wikipedia)

We love history so we really enjoyed Rome. It’s a city rich in history with well-preserved sites that date back to the Roman Empire. The most amazing sight to see was the Colosseum in all its glory. Pictures did not prepare us for the sight of this majestic structure in person.  Another favorite is the Trevi Fountain which was beautifully lit up at night. Of course, we didn’t forget to throw a coin over our shoulders. They say that if you do, you will get to go back. Since we were already in Rome, we just had to visit Vatican City. The line to the museum is really long but it’s the only way to see the Sistine Chapel. The museum houses a lot of important art but the chapel was what really impressed us. Sadly, no photos and videos were allowed inside. Even though it was a bit chilly, we just had to try their gelato. All we can say is there’s a reason Italian gelato is so well-known.




St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague is old world charm at its best. The city is so well preserved.  Everywhere you go, colorful buildings greet you and the Pinoys you meet along the way are really friendly. We particularly enjoyed seeing St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, and the Orloj. The long walk up to Prague Castle may be tiring but the sight of St. Vitus will make up for it. We happened to see it just as it was getting dark so it was all aglow with lights. Walking along Charles Bridge is also an experience. The various statues, musicians, and make-shift stores along the bridge caught our interest. Of course, how could we leave Prague without seeing the Orloj? It’s amazing to think how it was built during the medieval ages and is still working till today, albeit with several repairs throughout the years.




Chapel Bridge (picture from Wikipedia)

We’ve heard about the Swiss Alps but now we know that words are not enough to describe the view. Despite the cold weather, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of riding the 1st revolving cable car in the world to get to the peak of Mt. Titlis. Along the way, the breathtaking view of snow capped mountains, Alpine glaciers, and ice boulders will keep you entertained. At the city proper, we visited the Chapel Bridge, Europe’s oldest wooden covered bridge.




View of Paris from Notre Dame

The City of Lights definitely lives up to its name. The Parisian skyline is a pretty sight to behold if you ever get to see it from aboard a plane as you take-off or descend. The city; though, is even more beautiful on the ground. There are several notable cathedrals and basilicas but most famous among them is Note Dame, a Gothic masterpiece. A surprise for us was the small park behind the cathedral that offered a perfect view of the flying buttresses. We also braved the 300+ step spiral staircase and were rewarded with a 360 degree view of the city. The Louvre and Arc de Triomphe are also great places to see. The  Louvre pyramid is a sight to behold especially when it’s lit up at night. Of course, who could forget the iconic Eiffel Tower. Day or night, it’s a must-see as it rises up out of the Parisian skyline. We particularly enjoyed the “dancing” lights at the start of every evening hour.

For shopping, Champs Elysees does not disappoint. After a long day of shopping, we stopped by Laduree to try their world famous macarons and were not disappointed. This French confection was the perfect treat after a tiring afternoon.

How about you? What are your favorite European cities?

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