Exquisite Banaue & Sagada in Mountain Province!

Banaue Rice Terraces

If you love hiking , nature tripping, and see one of the eight (8) wonders of the World, you MUST visit this place!

I just came from this tour in Sagada and Banaue located in Mountain Province, and really , it was spectacular!

It was   eight and a half  hours   travel from Manila to Banaue by Bus , left at 10 P.M from the terminal. We had at least 5 bus stop for  restroom breaks and some coffee breaks. The trip was smooth and arrived in Banaue Hotel by 6:30 A.M.

Local Ifugao's in Banaue Hotel

Local Ifugao's in Banaue Hotel

We are greeted by local ifugaos wearing their traditional clothing and gave us welcome drinks and hotel sash.

Imbayah Restaurant in Banaue Hotel

Our first stop is to have  breakfast  in Imbayah Restaurant of  Banaue Hotel before we proceed to our itinerary. The food was really good and you can see the view of Rice Terraces ( Carved on the mountain side by hand, an engineering marvel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Some people call these rice terraces the “stairways to Heaven” )  from the glass windows of the restaurant!

Twin Sharing Bedroom at Banaue Hotel

Side Table of a Twin Sharing Bedroom in Banaue Hotel

A view of Rice Terraces from the balcony of our room in Banaue Hotel

After a heavy breakfast, we proceed to our hotel room. A twin sharing bed with mountain view from the balcony! I can also see the swimming pool on the right side of the balcony.  Though no T.V in the room ,  I enjoyed the view. Restroom with hot and cold for shower. For me, the room is nice and I really love the bed, very comfy 🙂 !

Our tour started at 9:00A.M. , left the hotel for  Banaue Museum.  We traveled using a local jeepney as our mode of transportation and toured by local guide.